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soo sorry guys for a long break and hiatus. This blogshop is not close yet. YES, you read it right, i DID NOT CLOSE my blogshop. I just didn't update since 3 or 4 month. i am apologies about that. The thing is, i am currently opening another services that require more time and work. I don't have time to take supply from supplier... so, thats what happen.

i promise you that i will bring out new clothes when i am already stable again.


Mar 24, 2009

restocked! chic sweat shirt - brown (sold out!)

new color available!! - purple (available 1 last piece!)/ black (sold out)

one of the girl best friend. never goes wrong with it
Item Name : chic sweat shirt - brown/ purple/ black
Description : stretchable & soft material
Colour : brownSize : Free size (uk4 - 10)
Material : knitted cotton (stretchable)
Price : RM 45
Status : brown all sold
black sold out
purple available

*picture of black and purple pieces is not available for the time being.

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